The Dowling Family History site, due to data loss, is only a tiny remnant of its former self at present.

Thanks for those who sent their support for what was a very frustrating time after realising that years of amateur labour had disappeared into the ether. 

Also my appreciation to those who advised about using an archives to rebuild the site after the problems that resulted in its loss.  If you want to get to the archive click here.  In many of the 'captures' the data is there even if the formatting is lost.  I cannot seem to just copy and paste the code to re-launch it as it was, so it looks like rebuilding the hard way.

Welcome. This site is generally a genealogical site and deals with

The Dowling Family Name, history and origins, research into the name Dowling (a one name study) and other name related information 


If you are a Dowling, Doolan, Dooling or other variation this could be of interest to you... 


Thanks for dropping in.